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Core Values: Why We Define Them, How They Define Us

Outlier’s strength lies in knowing how to capture everyday moments that uncover what’s special about the people behind your brand. We use video to capture and share the emotion of people and their stories. We use animation and design to create visual beauty that captures the hearts and minds of audiences. Defining Your Core Values Core values are something we’ve been talking a lot about internally here at Outlier in recent months. After changing our business model about a year ago, it was time to do some serious soul searching around the “why” of Outlier. So why do we do it? Why do we put…

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A Blueprint for Culture: Being Strategic About Team Video

This article was written by Outlier Founder Ben Friedle. It was originally published on Production Hub. The article aims to help teams evenly distribute organizational messages with the exact same clarity for each viewer using the power of video. Arguably, video is the best medium for both value and vision alignment based on its ability to persuade, inform, convey emotion, and provide visual delight.   If you want to deliver messages about your organization’s values, service, or achievement of goals, this article outlines a blueprint for creating a successful video communication strategy. This isn’t about training and procedures, this is about the alignment of your strategic…

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How to Gain Traction & Get Cultural Initiatives Rolling

Have you noticed things around the office have become a bit stagnant lately? How about your employees, do they seem a little less satisfied than usual? Maybe you’ve just gotten your latest report about employee productivity and it’s clear the business could be a little more... productive? If any of these sound familiar, you may also find yourself thinking about launching a new cultural initiative that can help transform your culture and get your employees engaged again. Unfortunately, your big cultural initiative idea can go exactly nowhere if you don’t have the buy-in you need. And you will need a lot, from the employees you’re…

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