Many brands are all “about” authenticity. Only a select few are authentic.

We capture and share the emotion of people and their stories…

Create visual beauty with animation and design…

And create marketing and communication strategies that drive people to action.

Video Production + Post

Outlier will hatch the concept, plan the production details, capture the footage, and work with you closely until the project is complete. Tier-based video packages give you a variety of options so you can right-size the project to meet your goals. Have a specific idea in mind? Let us know and we will work to make it happen.

Social Media Value Pack

It’s a content-driven world and we’re here to help you engage with it in a meaningful way, from promotional teasers and short animations to powerful visuals that give your fans a reason to celebrate and share your brand. Pricing is driven by deliverables. Our team can also work with your existing content libraries to bring them back to life.

Human Resources Pack

Consistently create videos for your team and new hires that help them understand health and wellness benefits as well as what’s needed to succeed in their roles. We deliver visual and audio content, training materials, and our favorite—employee spotlights—that celebrate the amazing work and effort your team puts in!

Website Video Pack

Keep your website fresh, roll out campaigns with animated content, dress up for the season, or just give visitors a fresh experience. We deliver web-ready content packs for top landing pages and campaigns that convey your brand essence and create better conversion rates.

Graphics + Animation

Outlier can help you dress up your social channels with fresh themes, animation packs, and logo treatments that will bring a smile to your CMO’s face. Enjoy a fresh perspective from our team of creatives to give your internal team more to consider and more to deliver!

Branding Package

New company? Maybe your brand needs a makeover? Outlier’s process for visual branding and brand content is value driven and audience-focused. It’s a process we have sharpened over the past 14 years, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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