5 Tricks to Extend the Life of Your Video Content

With most of the world in lockdown, our ability to film new video content has been temporarily nixed. On top of that, many companies are reducing their marketing spend. This time has forced us and many other companies to dive back into our content libraries.

Repurposing, Reusing, Rethinking:

Learn how repurposing and reusing content can help you stretch your marketing budget.

For us, that means reinvigorating existing content and pre-existing footage. In 15 years of business, Outlier has amassed extensive video footage that we can recycle for new marketing purposes. It’s not just a second resort. It can–and should–be a strategic tool to extend the life of your content.

Here are five of our favorite repurposing tricks and tips to recycle and reuse video content!

#1: Recut Videos for Social Platforms 

Are your videos displayed on your social channels? If not, this is a great time to recut existing footage into bite-sized social videos to keep users engaged.

An analysis done by Wistia found that optimal video length is less than or equal to two minutes. After this point engagement significantly drops off.

“How Long Should Your Next Video Be” Wistia

After this point engagement significantly drops off. Yet, the length and style of the video drastically change depending on the platform.

Twitter and Instagram both limit the length of video content to 30 seconds and 60 seconds, respectively. Neither YouTube nor Facebook have time limits, but both platforms have sweet-spots for engagement at or before two minutes.

Previously created videos can be recut to accommodate these time standards. Add an engaging teaser to redirect users back to your site if they want to further engage with the content.

Some of these social platforms, particularly Facebook, start playing videos without sound. Instagram videos often have no sound, focusing instead on enticing visuals. These limitations force marketers to recut clips to ensure no valuable audio is missed.

Altering longer videos to accommodate these platforms can reinvigorate life into older content. And, it can redirect viewers to your website.

#2: Edit Old Content to Create New Videos

Do you have footage that could tell many stories?

Many companies have filmed to create a particular storyline. But clips of these videos can often be used for other new messaging as well. Can you reuse an interview with an employee for a hiring video? Can you use footage from a company tour for a sales pitch? Be creative!

Arby’s gets into the repurposing spirit with “last year’s ad”

You can not only use footage from past internal events to help inspire employees working from home, but also as recruiting tools. 

#3: Analyze B-roll for New Sizzle Reel Content 

Sizzle reels are short, promotional videos that highlight your brand. They are excellent tools to display the culture of your company or organization.
Sizzle reels are particularly versatile. They can be used for recruiting, customer or investor pitches, speaking engagements, and even on your website’s homepage.

Long interviews, which are often tailored to particular storyboards, are not necessary for sizzle reels. In fact, short clips are just as (if not more) effective.

These short, strategic clips are littered with b-roll footage. Add animations and voice-overs to supplement existing footage and add relevance and intrigue to sizzle reels.

#4: Highlight the Evolution of Your Company

Have lots of old footage? Dust it off! Depending on how far back your footage goes, you can use it to display the evolution of your company and brand.

What was old is new again in this commercial spot for the new VW Beetle

Many companies use this strategy to promote anniversaries or major events. Iconic brands like M&Ms and Coca Cola play with old advertising material often. Yet, you don’t have to be a 100+ year old company to do so.

Where did your company stand 2 years ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago? Have your values remained steady? 

Incorporating this footage with visuals and animation can tell a powerful story of evolution that allows users to better understand your brand, values, and history. Not to mention, it can provide a good laugh, too! 

#5: Create Video Content for Internal Use

Ok, so the video content you have isn’t particularly polished. Are there any clips that can be used for internal use to help motivate and lift up employees?

We often have significant amounts of footage of people “messing up,” saying something they didn’t want to, stumbling on their words, and more.

While you might not want to use this in your customer-facing material, these bloopers offer comic relief for employees who are working from home and feeling disconnected. Have some fun and humility with it!

Your content doesn’t have to become obsolete. Creative repurposing can breathe some fresh air into solid material, and allow you to continue to create new content.

Need help finding creative ways to repurpose video content you already have?