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How to Gain Traction & Get Cultural Initiatives Rolling

Have you noticed things around the office have become a bit stagnant lately? How about your employees, do they seem a little less satisfied than usual? Maybe you’ve just gotten your latest report about employee productivity and it’s clear the business could be a little more... productive? If any of these sound familiar, you may also find yourself thinking about launching a new cultural initiative that can help transform your culture and get your employees engaged again. Unfortunately, your big cultural initiative idea can go exactly nowhere if you don’t have the buy-in you need. And you will need a lot, from the employees you’re…

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3 Ways Video Will Make YOU a More Effective Leader

Strong leadership is crucial for a successful and profitable business. Everyone knows this, and everyone preaches it. But do these claims reflect reality? 58% of managers claim they have received no management training (CareerBuilder).58% of employees say they trust strangers more than their boss (Harvard Business Review).According to Gallup, as many as 70% of workers aren’t engaged at work. I could go on with these shocking-not-so-shocking statistics that paint a rather unenthusiastic portrait of corporate America, but the bottom line is that most workplaces are lacking in some major ways. If you're looking to connect with your teams, increase employee productivity and create greater job…

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Looking to Grow Your Business? Don’t Forget Internal Marketing

As business leaders, we’re largely accustomed to funneling sizable budget dollars into our marketing departments. That's how we identify and gather new leads that sales can then convert into customers, right?  But what if I told you that your internal marketing is just as important as external marketing when it comes to meeting your company goals? Would you think I was crazy? Well, crazy I may be but the fact is internal marketing is crucial to driving lasting business growth. I've seen many businesses pay lip service to the idea that employees are important ambassadors of the brand, but when it comes to investing time…

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