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Core Values: Why We Define Them, How They Define Us

Outlier’s strength lies in knowing how to capture everyday moments that uncover what’s special about the people behind your brand. We use video to capture and share the emotion of people and their stories. We use animation and design to create visual beauty that captures the hearts and minds of audiences. Defining Your Core Values Core values are something we’ve talked about a lot internally at Outlier in recent months. After changing our business model a little over a year ago to focus more exclusively on video and content marketing, it was time to do some serious soul searching around the “why” of Outlier. So…

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Risk: The Catalyst to Escaping the Status Quo

Do you have your teams brainstorming new ideas and putting them into quick business cases? Why not? If you said yes, when was the last time you implemented one of these ideas? If you haven’t seen an idea worth pursuing|you may be: Underestimating the collective intelligence of your team ORYou are risk averse (haven’t taken a risk in a while) ANDYou are growing comfortable with the status quo. Risk is necessary to build your venture and demonstrate industry leadership - a.k.a. dominate your space. If you don't take risks on a regular basis, you aren't pushing the boundaries of where your organization or your strategy are|and…

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