Author: Kathleen Mingus, Head of Marketing

Does Your Video Connect to Your Goals? Four Simple Questions to Ask Before Your Next Video

Video marketing has been getting more sophisticated for a while now, but it seems like over the past year or so a major shift has happened as more companies have begun to add video as a line item in their marketing budgets. Now, don't get us wrong. We LOVE video as much as (ok, you got us, maybe more than) the next creative communications agency. But while we support video production and video marketing down to the bottoms of our dainty little toes, we have to admit we're at odd ends with some of the video that's being produced today. The problem is, a lot…

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How to Market Corporate Wellness and Prepare Your Program for Success

Marketing Your Corporate Wellness Program Corporate wellness programs continue to gain traction as more employers realize the long-term benefits of maintaining a healthy workforce. In fact, a recent Forbes article mentioned corporate wellness programs as some of the biggest signs that businesses are beginning to take the health and wellness of their employees more seriously. In doing so, employers are able to combat rising healthcare costs while also supporting a motivated and energetic workforce. The challenge for many companies as they begin a wellness program rests largely on their ability to get employees motivated and engaged to participate in the programs. In short, how on…

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Is Data the Secret to a Customer Experience that Finally Lives Up to Expectations?

I feel sort of obligated before I start out to mention that I can be a bit emotional when it comes to customer relationships. Having more than once been called out as the “office Pollyanna”, it’s no secret I prefer harmony when it comes to my everyday relationships. Is it a shock, then, to find out I also feel strongly about the most important relationship a business manages on a day to day basis (Hint: that’s the relationship a business has with its customers)? Of course not. Let me be really clear though. That doesn’t mean I don’t also value sharp strategy and many of the…

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