Marketing Your Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs continue to gain traction as more employers realize the long-term benefits of maintaining a healthy workforce. In fact, a recent Forbes article mentioned corporate wellness programs as some of the biggest signs that businesses are beginning to take the health and wellness of their employees more seriously. In doing so, employers are able to combat rising healthcare costs while also supporting a motivated and energetic workforce.

The challenge for many companies as they begin a wellness program rests largely on their ability to get employees motivated and engaged to participate in the programs. In short, how on earth do you get employee buy-in?

Some of the most important elements of a new corporate wellness program, then, lie in the ability to internally market and advocate for employee participation. This is done by being strategic, flexible, and paying close attention to how well you brand and market your wellness campaign.

We worked with long-time Outlier client Stacey LaFrazia Smith, Vice President of Human Resources at ControlTek, Inc., to help promote the company’s recent wellness program that we branded “Forward Living”. designed to motivate employees to take the small, daily steps necessary to lead a healthier lifestyle. ControlTek’s corporate wellness program began with defining the program’s mission and vision, and then designing a new marketing campaign centered around gaining employee support. 

Outlier created posters, handouts, graphics, copy and other simple reminders like water bottles for the ControlTek Forward Living program.

We recently caught up with Stacey to discuss the organization’s decision to take on wellness within the workplace.

Can you explain why you decided to take a formal marketing approach to the program?

We branded ControlTek’s wellness program materials as Forward Living because we wanted to change the culture of the company toward a focus on wellness as a core company goal. Having program materials branded with ControlTek and Forward Living logos allow employees to identify themselves as a cohesive group that’s working toward a common goal of learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. The support of the ControlTek community is vital to helping employees achieve their wellness goals.

I am very pleased with the roll-out of the wellness marketing campaign. The materials we have received from Outlier are creative, easy to understand and generate a connection between the wellness program and the employee. Including your brand in wellness program marketing gives the program value, integrity, and importance to your company culture.

I really enjoyed working with everyone at Outlier on this project. Each team member brings a skill to the table that, frankly, I don’t have! I need their skills and expertise to help form the ControlTek marketing program from a concept that our team may be kicking around to real-life materials that are consistent with our brand. It’s important for the Outlier team to know they have the ability to draw out what the client is looking for and turn that into marketing collateral.

Want to learn more about marketing your own Corporate wellness program? Contact Outlier today to get more information about Outlier’s corporate wellness branding, product and graphic design and marketing strategy.


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