Outlier is now 15 years old! What a reason to celebrate our clients and this team.

For us, the journey is definitely the destination. We have been incredibly fortunate to be able to employ ourselves in the pursuit of creative industry.

The community in Portland has been great to us. We have been able to document so much of our community and to create work that our team is passionate about.

Having worked with over 200 businesses in the past 15 years, Outlier has had a unique opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at how these companies operate and what makes them successful.

Behind the scenes at an Outlier video shoot

At the start of every new engagement, there is always the question of, “What can we bring to this first project? And in the long term, how can we help this business thrive?”

I can say that these long term relationships have made me what I am as an entrepreneur. They have taught me more about how to succeed in business than any book or course could.

I have such gratitude for the trust and information business leaders will share once they understand how serious we are about wanting to help and contribute to their success.

We hired our first employee in 2006. We had a lot to learn about HR, but right out of the gate we provided health insurance, volunteer time, flex time, public transportation passes, and Friday team lunches.

It meant a lot to us that someone would choose us. We wanted to invest in them so they could build their careers, motivated by our agency’s success and the professional development opportunities we could provide.

Finally, our client roster is such a point of pride. From big global brands like adidas and HP, to community-driven organizations like the IBEW and RICE University, and non-profits like Dove Lewis Animal Hospital, we never tire of serving and learning about these organizations. In Portland alone, we have interviewed and interacted with so many different people because of this business and our craft.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our mutual success and adventures! From here, it’s all about continuing to get more strategic with video and content to evolve with our industry and push our network wider!

Wish us luck and get in touch if you are interested in marketing, video, Portland, or entrepreneurship.

–Ben Friedle and the Outlier team