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Outlier Turns 15!

Outlier is now 15 years old! What a reason to celebrate our clients and this team. For us, the journey is definitely the destination. We have been incredibly fortunate to be able to employ ourselves in the pursuit of creative industry. The community in Portland has been great to us. We have been able to document so much of our community and to create work that our team is passionate about. Having worked with over 200 businesses in the past 15 years, Outlier has had a unique opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at how these companies operate and what makes them successful.…

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COVID-19 Update: We Are Here to Help

Here We Stand First and foremost, we are following the recommended precautions to help reduce the impact on hospitals, the elderly, and the sick. During this time we are determined to promote positive morale and reduce anxiety, and now would like to help amplify necessary communications. Each one of us has anxiety but can’t let it arrest us. We have friends and family facing the virus head-on by providing medical support, manufacturing materials, or staffing for necessary retail stores. We want to be of support and one way we can do so is in our role of media professionals. If you need a message prepared…

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