Over the past few months, we’ve been busy here at Outlier launching a new creative video series called Outlier Jumpcuts. You may have already seen some of the uploaded episodes–if so, thank you so much for tuning in! If you haven’t got the chance yet, scroll down to check out some of our most recent videos.

Everyone at Outlier loves the culture and people of Portland, and our Jumpcuts series was designed to highlight some of the people and groups doing very cool things in our beautiful city. As an entire staff, we’re committed to creativity both inside and outside of our wonderful client projects. The Outlier Jumpcuts video series is a way of extending that passion while also sharing some of the great things happening in the city we’re proud to call home.

In video terms, a jump cut is either a stylistic choice or a mistake that abruptly cuts from one point in a continuous shot to another, omitting what was in between. We found this name fitting, as we use the craft and techniques of classic documentary style to showcase some very interesting subjects. It’s also a nod to the diverse spectrum of subjects, interests, and groups who share a strong spirit of individuality.

We started the series at the now-famous Purrington’s Cat Lounge. The first cat lounge opened in the Pacific Northwest, Purrington’s invites customers to spend some time with feline companions while enjoying a beer from the bar or a delicious local snack. The cats in the lounge are available to adopt and Purrington’s has found homes for over 110 cats since opening early in 2015. Purrington’s has also recently added weekly cat yoga sessions.

Our second Jumpcut in the series got an inside look at one of the oldest currently-running theaters west of the Mississippi. Clinton Street Theater has been famous in Portland for the theater’s longstanding loyalty to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which has been shown every Saturday night at midnight for several decades, starting back in 1978. After opening in 1915, the theater has been through many changes and now is host to a wide variety of independent, cult classic, and art house films.

In our most recent Jumpcut, produced in partnership with OEN (Oregon Entrepreneurs Network), we sat down with four Portland-area food and beverage startups to see how each dealt with the challenges of Portland’s vibrant and competitive business landscape. The four foodmakers are:

Red Duck Ketchup

​- Fuller Foods/Cheesy Puffs

​- Big Bottom Distillery

​- Pitch Dark Chocolate

Before the end of the year we’ve got a few more episodes to share, so please subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay tuned!