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3 tips to help non actors on camera

3 Tips to Help Non-Actors Ace On-Camera Interviews

Helping non-actors get comfortable in front of a video camera can make all the difference when it comes to a successful interview. Their voice is cracking, they’re avoiding eye contact and giving unenthusiastic answers. These are just some (of the many) potential outcomes of interviewing people on camera who are not actors.  No matter who you are, it’s nerve-wracking to be in a literal spotlight. Even professional actors must learn to manage stage fright. Working in the video production space, we see this frequently and it is our job to help people navigate it and feel more comfortable on camera.  Thankfully, there are a handful…

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Virtual Work: Tips for Being On Camera

Few people enjoy being under a spotlight. Especially a literal one. With the recent crisis causing a strong push to work from home, more and more people will have to get used to seeing themselves on camera. It may not be recorded for playback, but at the very least, it is visible to the viewer.  As a video content company, we’ve done our fair share of interviewing people on camera. And with that comes a whole bunch of awkwardness--fidgeting with their fingers, stumbling over words, and forgetting answers to simple questions. It is often cringe-worthy to watch yourself on camera, but there are some simple…

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