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5 Women Designers You Should Know About – In Honor of International Women’s Month

In honor of March being International Women’s Month, here are 5 influential females working in the design field. These trail blazing ladies deserve some recognition. Marian Bantjes: It would be more accurate to label Marian Bantjes as a graphic artist than a graphic designer. Her work of intricate illustrations and patterns has gained her respect across many industries. Originally a book typesetter, she began gaining recognition as a graphic designer from 1994-2003 when she became a partner and senior designer at Digitopolis. Today, she works in a style combing design, illustration, and typography from her home on Bowen Island off the west coast of Canada,…

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Design History for Breakfast

Today, I'm trying to make the pivotal design movements of western art history a little more, um... digestible.  Glasgow School - Leprechauns? 1890's Scotland? Close enough. The Glasgow School opened the door to modern design in the UK at the end of the 19th century. Art Nouveau - In the 19th century, France adopted the simple, decorative style pioneered by prolific artists such as William Morris of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Great Britain. Art Nouveau was made famous by Alphonse Mucha's designs for Job Cigarettes... and Michael Jordan Wheaties boxes. Oh wait— Bauhaus - Form follows Froot Loops... I mean function. Futurism - Speed! Industry! New World Orders! This also applies chocolate frosted corn puffs, right? Vorticism…

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