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Webinar: How Does Video Improve SEO? Get A Lot in a Little Time!

Off2On eCommerce Webinar Series Programed by Above the Fray in Portland OR. Speakers, Anna Madill, Ben Friedle, Ben Herman, and host Jessica Kienzle. "Offline to Online 20/20, a no-fluff eCommerce series for Growth" is all about leveling up your B2B eCommerce. In this episode, we'll cover everything you need to create a healthy relationship between your website and search engines (ok mostly Google with its +/-90% market share). Jessica Kienzle, Digital Manager at Above the Fray hosts the 5th installment of the series as we tackle SEO for your eCommerce and B2B sites. Outlier's own Ben Friedle put some brain-busting thought into creating a dense…

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New White Paper: How COVID-19 Has Changed Workplace Wellness

COVID-19 has changed everything about the way we work, including how we think about workplace wellness. Today, businesses must find new ways to foster wellness and address new threats to employees’ mental, emotional, and physical health. In our newest white paper, we’ll explore how the COVID-19 crisis has affected workers’ health and how video can be used as an effective tool to engage distanced workers and help them improve their health and mental resiliency. What's Included A look at the history of corporate wellness programs in the USNew challenges created by COVID-19 and working from homeImportant ways video and other virtual tools can keep employees…

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Financial Resources for Black & Minority-Owned Businesses

After weeks of seeing the largest corporations commit to substantial and numerous funds for black communities, businesses and organizations, we asked Paige to do some research and learn more about these funds, the application process and ways to learn more.  She compiled a list of 34 organizations where black and minority business owners and entrepreneurs can apply to receive funding and other types of support. The list spans organizations from Grameen America, which provides business support and funding to underrepresented female business owners, to Upwork, which grants pro-bono professional services to businesses impacted by COVID-19.  Tracking the corporate pledges has proven to create a web…

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