Off2On eCommerce Webinar Series Programed by Above the Fray in Portland OR. Speakers, Anna Madill, Ben Friedle, Ben Herman, and host Jessica Kienzle.

“Offline to Online 20/20, a no-fluff eCommerce series for Growth” is all about leveling up your B2B eCommerce.

In this episode, we’ll cover everything you need to create a healthy relationship between your website and search engines (ok mostly Google with its +/-90% market share). Jessica Kienzle, Digital Manager at Above the Fray hosts the 5th installment of the series as we tackle SEO for your eCommerce and B2B sites.

Outlier’s own Ben Friedle put some brain-busting thought into creating a dense (yet brief) video inspiration even the busiest marketer will have time for! Topic includes questions you should be asking about content creation to engage your viewers, differentiate your team, products, and culture, and get the Google algorithm to serve up your videos and landing pages!

Ben joins Anna Madill of the Avenue Agency and Ben Herman from Mad Fish Digital. These Portland-based agencies each have a unique area of focus. Together, this powerful trio will get you inspired for finding that next opportunity to improve your content-based SEO approach to deliver more traffic, engagements, and fans.


Thank you to Noah from Above the Fray for organizing and inviting us to participate!