Ever been asked if your company has a sizzle reel? 

And you thought, uh… isn’t that a type of candy? (Spoiler: nope, that’s a Twizzler.) 

A sizzle reel, on the other hand, is a short (three minutes or less) promotional video that highlights your business, product, or service.

Known alternatively as highlight video, demo reel, or pitch video, the sizzle reel shows potential clients or investors what it will be like to work with your company or use your product or service.

Our clients at MarketCraft use their sizzle reel or “showcase” video to get audiences excited about the amazing displays they can create together.

This feat uses short video clips creatively edited with graphics, animation, and messaging. Top it with a killer soundtrack to create an impression that engages the audience, tells them a little something about you, and leaves them wanting more.

Sizzle reels are also used internally to promote initiatives and celebrate successful campaigns. They can be an important tool for internal marketing.

Sizzle reels can be used to capture the excitement of live events, too, like this wrap-up for adidas’ annual Retail Sales Meeting. Click to learn more.

These videos are not meant to include extensive messaging. No detailed lists of product or service features, please! A sizzle reel provides a fast, exciting look into your business to make an impression.

You’ll find sizzle reels in sales presentations, trade show booths, boardroom presentations, social media, websites, and more.

The History of the Sizzle Reel

The sizzle reel got its start in the glittering world of showbiz, where the video was used to pitch tv and movie projects. By creating a sizzle reel, producers clearly show the executives holding the checkbook that they have a clear vision and compelling concept.

Today, sizzle reels are also used by video production agencies to showcase their best or most recent projects. For agencies, sizzle reels show off their production, editing, and creative skillset.

In this 2019 Sizzle Reel from The Influence Agency out of Toronto, it’s clear to see the position they take on influencer marketing.

Does My Business Need a Sizzle Reel? 

Now that you know what a sizzle reel is, the million-dollar question: Is the sizzle reel right for your business?

The sizzle reel can be a versatile tool for sales and marketing teams. Even internal communicators can use them. These videos offer a brief yet exciting glimpse into your company people might not get otherwise.

That being said, it’s important to understand what you hope to accomplish. By having clear goals (for instance, get investors or new sales leads) you’ll be able to fine-tune your video to meet them.

You’ll need to be clear about your audience. Are you enticing investors, trying to get internal buy-in? These answers will make a big difference to your finished product.

And finally, how will you use the video? Is it part of a presentation, or will it need to be a standalone piece? This will affect how in-depth the content will need to be.

And finally, how will you use the video? Is it part of a presentation, or will it need to be a standalone piece? This will affect how in-depth the content will need to be.

It’s important to be creative and also to know your limitations. A sizzle reel is by design a polished piece. Good production value is key. Professional graphics, animation, messaging, and editing can make the difference between a video that wows and one that sizzles out.

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