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How To Create Interesting Photo Animations: Technique #3

The Double Exposure Effect Double exposure has been a popular effect in photography for a long time. So why not take it to video? For this effect, you’ll need: A high res portrait photoStock video of scenery or an object that isn’t too busySome skill with photoshop https://vimeo.com/260498815 Isolate your subject. Take your portrait photo and bring it into photoshop. You’ll want to separate your subject from your background. If you’ve read the other tutorials in this series, then you know my favorite method for isolating objects. But just in case, here are the steps: 1. Use the quick selection tool to select your object…

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Animating Photos to Capture your Audience

Capturing and holding your audience’s attention is both crucial and getting more difficult. Visuals make a great hook. They can help you engage your audience, communicate a message, and enforce your brand. Video is especially engaging. As more people and brands use video content to engage their audiences, those who don’t risk falling behind the curve. But there are barriers to video production. It’s costly, time-consuming, and resource heavy. Companies may not have the marketing budget to create a video that fits their vision. If you're a video production house, you may find you need to fit a small budget while still trying to make…

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