MarketCraft builds world-class retail and live event experiences that help the world’s biggest brands showcase their products and services. The talented team at MarketCraft soon caught the eye of another industry giant, and the company was acquired by the experiential marketing agency IDL Worldwide in 2017.


MarketCraft’s deep industry knowledge and ‘can do’ attitude had already earned the company an excellent reputation in the industry and made MarketCraft a well-known figure across the Pacific Northwest. While retail displays were still an important part of the business, MarketCraft was increasingly adding elaborate tradeshow and brand activation displays to the mix. The time was right to begin hunting larger engagements that would continue to broaden the company’s portfolio. 

The sales team wanted to create a new sales kit to successfully share the MarketCraft story with potential clients. Having worked together successfully in the past, Outlier was hired to develop a new sales package. The new tools would help MarketCraft clearly demonstrate the value MarketCraft could deliver for brands when they selected MarketCraft as their production partner and distinguish the company in a crowded space.


The first step was to make sure we fully understood MarketCraft’s target customer to create a hierarchy of key decision makers, influencers, and other stakeholders. Whose problems did our sales materials need to solve to be successful? The answers to this question can sometimes come as a surprise, so it was crucial to take our time and methodically test our assumptions about the customer. 

We then conducted a full review of MarketCraft’s current marketing tools. Was sales language geared towards the right audience? Were we, in essence, ‘speaking the right language’? 

At the same time we knew much of MarketCraft’s success was due to the fact that their team excelled at building and maintaining amazing relationships, and that every single team member took personal pride in the success of these client engagements. 

Once we had a good understanding of the customer and their needs, we worked with the MarketCraft team to develop a sales pitch presentation. Once completed, we expanded the presentation throughout all of MarketCraft’s sales tools to complete a full ‘sales pack’ – including updates to the company’s website and a new ‘sizzle’ reel MarketCraft could share with prospects to show off some of their amazing work and help prospects get to know more about the people behind the MarketCraft brand.

Services Provided

  • Marketing / Sales Consulting & Strategy 
  • Graphic Design & Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Animation & Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation

What We Delivered

• Refreshed website design with vibrant, colorful images and graphics and new sales messaging that clearly showcased MarketCraft’s unique value proposition.
• Professionally designed sales presentation 
• 2-minute “Sizzle” video that uses a mix of live action and 3D animation to provide viewers an up close and personal look at MarketCraft work without leaving their office.

The Result

You want big fish? You got big fish. Shortly after Outlier delivered the new sales kit, MarketCraft used their new tools to nail a new engagement with a top tech giant and Fortune 25 company. The professional, high-quality sales materials were the deciding factor for the tech giant in choosing MarketCraft.