About Us

Outlier is a sharp and close-knit team. We show up every day ready to perform, with a sense of humor and a devotion to our clients that keeps us pushing for new ideas. Positive core values and a strong company culture allow us to stay focused on people. We keep the audience in mind and stay in touch with real human moments to help our clients build loyalty.

Core Values


Be humble. Be honest. Be real.


Bond with clients.


Collaborate & celebrate each other’s differences.


Keep an open mind & stay creative.


Don’t stop until the job is done.

Meet Our Team

Ben Friedle


Ben founded Outlier in 2005. He heads our business development efforts following a simple leadership philosophy: stay focused on people.

Kathleen Mingus

Head of Marketing

Kathleen directs Outlier’s marketing and communications efforts. She is focused on strategic messaging and smart planning that gets results.

Paige Dahlman

Account Success Manager

Paige is Outlier’s Account Success Manager. She is a people person with a background developing mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships.

Christina Ferris

Animator, Designer

Christina is Outlier’s Animator & Designer. A diverse skill-set in illustration, graphic design, video editing, and 2D animation make her an asset in several areas.

Some of Our Clients

Let us buy you a coffee.

Or tea. Or just send us a message and tell us your thoughts. We love meeting new people.